kiss your unproductive azz goodbye!

Here comes the Hotstepper, here comes the Trendsetter, here comes the Arktiker!
That's you! Time to leave worries behind, time to grow up, time to become your own f#cking hero!

With Arktik you'll have your own
Memory and Attention Booster, Routine and Habit Creator, Consistency and Completeness Supporter.

And the best part - it's so light that it fits ANY workflow and ANY work environment!


Memory and Attention Booster

The key to success rests within the details, the smallest tasks which can be easily omitted. From now, you'll never miss an important step again.

Routine and Habit Creator

To improve yourself you need habits, but you need a routine in order to create a habit. But a routine... is nothing more than repetition. In the end, practice makes perfect!


Consistency and Completeness Supporter

Keep quality and focus as part of you, knowing what has been done and what still needs your love and care, at any given moment.


We can fairly assume that you have arrived here in your search for a way to improve the way you work, a way to improve your productivity, a way to IMPROVE!


This Checklist Tool is built solely with one purpose in mind: to replicate the usefulness of true checklists... something that To-Do apps are failing to achieve! 


We're not that type of company with its head stuck in its azz... we're keen to get in touch with our users! Tell us how we can make Arktik better for you!



Unleash Your Inner Productivity Beast

Create as many checklists as you want and group them together. Add the steps you need to take. Archive first, delete after.

Always know the status of your progress!


Become A Master Planner

Define steps and adjust them on the way. Describe how the tasks must be achieved to successfully reach your goals.

Don't plan over and over again, instead improve your process!


Do More From Anywhere, Anytime

Print checklists, paper never runs out of battery. Share and embed checklists, so you can ask and receive feedback.

You decide how to work and how to reach your goals!


Practice, Practice, Practice Makes Perfect

No need to recreate a checklist, quickly reset it and you're good.
Follow the same steps and build a routine.

Learn from your mistakes and improve the process!

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Use Failure As A Tool For Success


Worry Less, Do More... The Right Way



Time Is Money!

By discovering what roadblocks stand between you and your success, you'll be able to eliminate them quickly, saving valuable time.


Stop The Loss!

Skipping important steps generates trouble... Get mad, don't take it anymore! Stop losing sight of what's really important!


Stay On Top Of Things!

It's great to manage your tasks. It's even better to understand your progress in a glimpse! Don't assume... know for sure!


Wait, there's more! Pro Features are coming.

If you think Arktik is cool, you'll get romantically involved with Arktik Pro.

Peace of mind

Backup your data and restore it, as fast as saying "I'm so relaxed!" You'll never lose your stuff!

Keep track

Add notes to your checklist, building a history log with: why, who, when, what and how.

educated decisions

Generate reports and see how you're performing. Learn and always be prepared!

Arktik Pro is under development.
We estimate it will be introduced to the world at the end of 2016.

Winter is coming!


People are constantly mistaking checklists with to-do-lists,
so we've put together a neat comparison below.


To-Do Lists

Force you to rethink similar workflows, repeatedly.

Don't perform good as supervising tools.

Don't offer you a real eagle-eye view.

Can't sustain roadmaps for similar projects.

Are dependent on memory and attention.

Aren't consistency-friendly.

Aren't completeness-friendly.

Can't help you to identify weaknesses in your process.

Can't help when you're trying to improve yourself.

Encourage task postponement or abandonment.



Ignore the need of rethinking similar workflows repeatedly.

Represent a supervising tool.

Support immediate status knowledge.

Provide a roadmap for similar projects.

Ignore the dependency on memory and attention.

Support consistency.

Support completeness.

Support identification of process weaknesses.

Support self-monitoring.

Support minimization of task postponement or abandonment.